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America Alabama Pairmore,

Wife of

Ed Pairmore

Sister of

Thomas Martin Millican

Children unnamed at this time...

no date

Margaret Katherine (Mary) Goforth

May 15, 1813 - May 16, 1899

Wife of

Thomas Jefferson Forbess Sr.

Mother of

James Monroe Forbess

James Monroe Forbess

Sarah Elizabeth (Sally) Williams

Wedding Date: February 20, 1864

James        Sally        Kate

​5oth Anniversary: February 20, 1914

James Monroe Forbess

Wife: Sally Williams

Daughter: Kate Forbess Millican

Other children unnamed at this time...

C. 1907

Front Row - Right to Left:

Will Joyner                                    (Wife: Mary Elizabeth Forbess Joyner - not pictured here)

Thomas Jefferson Forbess Jr.          (Wife: Vennie Delancy Forbess - back row, 1st person)

James Monroe Forbess                   (Wife: Sally Williams - not pictured here)

Rev. Solomon Forbess                    (Wife: Florence Anderson - back row, 5th person)

John A. Forbess                             (Wife: Fannie Griggs Forbess - back row, 6th person)

Back Row - Right to Left:

Vennie Delancy Forbess                  (Husband: Thomas Jefferson Forbess Jr. - front row, 2nd person)

Sarah Ann Forbess Joyner               (Husband: Washington Joyner - not pictured here)

Margaret Forbess George                (Husband: next to her)

John Calvin George                        (Wife: next to him)

Florence Anderson Forbess             (Husband: Rev. Solomon Forbess - front row, 4th person)

Fannie Griggs Forbess                    (Husband: John A. Forbess - front row, 5th person)

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